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Since our inception, we have supported over 285 companies, spanning over multiple decades, with acquisition and growth capital. The companies below represent our current portfolio of investments.
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Air Conditioning Specialist, Inc.

Consumer Services | Middle Market | Current | November 2021

Founded in 1967 and headquartered in Covington, GA, ACS is a leading provider of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (“HVAC”) maintenance, retrofit, and new construction installation and service in Georgia. The Company serves commercial and residential customers for all their installation, break/fix, and/or maintenance needs. Press Release

Infolinks Media

Media, Marketing & Entertainment | Middle Market | Current | November 2021

Infolinks is an exclusive ad marketplace that enables advertising with contextual intent targeting and high viewability across exclusive quality publisher placements.

SIB Holdings, LLC

Business Services | Middle Market | Current | October 2021

Offers spend management and contract optimization solutions to SMB and large size businesses across a wide range of industries to help reduce their fixed overhead costs.

Consumer Products and Retail Co.

Consumer Products & Retail | Middle Market | Current | October 2021

A direct-to-consumer business that designs, manufactures and sells consumer products.

Industrial Security Integrators Enterprises, LLC

Software & IT Services | Middle Market | Current | October 2021

Based in Herndon, VA, IsI is a leading provider of technology-based compliance and cybersecurity services. The company operates three divisions comprising Managed Security Services, Managed Network Services, and Security Control Software. Press Release

Well Foam, Inc.

Energy Services (Upstream) | Middle Market | Current | September 2021

Founded in 2006 and based in Odessa, TX, Well Foam provides well completion and production-related services for O&G operators in the Permian basin.

Roof OpCo, LLC

Construction | Middle Market | Current | August 2021

Roof OpCo is comprised of two re-roofing companies, a residentially-focused roofer operating across nine markets in the Midwest and a DFW-based re-roofer operating across the southern market.

LL Flex, LLC

Manufacturing | Middle Market | Current | August 2021

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, LL Flex, LLC specializes in providing metal-based laminates for packaging and industrial solutions for the consumer, cable, and building & construction industries.

Inspire Automation

Industrial Products | Middle Market | Current | August 2021

Formed in 2016 through the combination of Systec Corporation and Automatan LLC, collectively Inspire Automation is a provider of manufacturing systems and services to the corrugated and box making industry.

Muenster Milling Company, LLC

Consumer Products & Retail | Middle Market | Current | August 2021

Muenster Milling is a 4th-generation, family-owned pet food and ingredients manufacturer located in Muenster, Texas. Since 1932, Muenster has built lasting, impactful relationships with farmers, suppliers, customers, communities, and animals. Muenster specializes in making innovative, freeze-dried and extruded dog food, cat food, and horse feed with a focus on high quality ingredients to provide healthy options for pet owners to feed their pets. Press Release