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Since our inception, we have supported over 285 companies, spanning over multiple decades, with acquisition and growth capital. The companies below represent our current portfolio of investments.
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Inspire Aesthetics

Healthcare Services | Middle Market | Current | April 2023

Inspire Aesthetics is a multi-location plastic surgery and aesthetics platform offering a comprehensive range of procedures and treatments.

Island Pump & Tank

Industrial Services | Middle Market | Current | March 2023

Founded in 1948, Island Pump & Tank Corp. is a retail petroleum industry maintenance and environmental services company in the Northeast.

Guardian Fleet Services

Transportation & Logistics | Middle Market | Current | February 2023

Founded in 1969, Guardian Fleet Services, Inc. is a Florida-based commercial towing, recovery, and specialized transportation provider with 23 terminals throughout Florida and Georgia.

James River Cardiology

Healthcare Services | Middle Market | Current | February 2023

James River Cardiology is a cardiology group operating out of six clinics, two office-based labs, and several local hospitals. They have been providing quality cardiovascular care using the latest in diagnostic and treatment options for more than 10 years.

GPT Industries

Industrial Services | Middle Market | Current | January 2023

GPT Industries is a manufacturer of flange isolation kits and monolithic isolation joints that provide electrical isolation to oil & gas pipelines worldwide.


Manufacturing | Middle Market | Current | January 2023

Innoveyance is the result of two industry leaders, C&M Conveyor and Ohio Blow Pipe, who joined forces in 2018. As Innoveyance, their combined customer-focused innovation delivers the highly efficient material, scrap and dust handling solutions that drive production for manufacturers across North America, Canada and Mexico.

Jordan's Skinny Mixes

Food & Beverage Services | Middle Market | Current | December 2022

Founded in 2009, Jordan’s Skinny Mixes is a branded provider of zero and low-calorie flavoring syrups for coffee and cocktail mixes for health-conscious customers.

Gains Holdings

Consumer Services | Middle Market | Current | December 2022

Gains Holdings is a provider of tech enabled education coaching services to business owners and professionals in the wellness industry and a marketer of supplement products.

Exact Customer

Media, Marketing & Entertainment | Middle Market | Current | December 2022

Founded in 2014, Exact Customer is a software-enabled, digital performance marketing agency focused on providing large average order value sales leads of high intent consumers.

Isos Technology

Software & IT Services | Middle Market | Current | November 2022

Isos Technology is an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner that delivers a comprehensive suite of services that enable its customers to adopt, maintain and optimize their Atlassian toolsets.