Investment Strategy


We take a balanced approach to all investment decisions, which reinforces the long-term relationships we enjoy with financial sponsors, investment banks, other lenders and company management teams.

Relationships drive our business

Relationships are the key driver of our business. We consider what is best for our long-term relationship in every decision we make.

We are highly responsive

We believe that a quick “no”, with constructive feedback is always better than a drawn-out, unnecessary process. Our team constantly communicates with one another, which allows us to respond quickly to investment opportunities.

We deliver on our promises

We will clearly communicate what we are willing to do and deliver on our promises. Our tight-knit organization allows for senior deal professionals to continually communicate with one another and “speak for the firm” throughout the transaction. We believe this provides a more predictable diligence, approval and closing process.

We are creative and flexible

Our team has invested together across credit cycles and understands the nuances of middle market companies. We have the mandate to invest senior debt, subordinated debt or equity – or combinations of the three – in each transaction, to meet the unique objectives of the company, and fairly price the underlying risk.

We always have capital to invest

As a public company, we enjoy a permanent capital base and are never "between funds." We are therefore able to provide capital for growth and acquisitions over very long periods of time. We believe our best opportunities are ones in which we can support company management teams in industries in which we have gained a track record of value creation and back them in significantly scaling their businesses.