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We only partner with exceptional companies.

We provide funding for growth financing of existing businesses, management-led buyouts, acquisition financings, and recapitalizations.

Investment criteria:

1. Excellent Management

We seek management teams with proven records of achievement, exceptional ability, unyielding determination and unquestionable integrity. We believe management teams with these attributes operate their companies in ways that enhance value for customers, employees and shareholders.

We value quality referrals from reputable sources. Accomplished managers generally have prior investors or directors willing to speak on their behalf.

2. Investment Size

$10 million to $50 million of capital. We occasionally partner with other investors to engage in larger transactions.

3. Company Size

We generally seek to invest in established companies with revenues approaching or above $10 million and profitable operations.

4. Growth

Historical growth of at least 15% per year.

5. Market Size

Growing rapidly or large enough to allow the company to achieve $100 million in revenues.

6. Industry

We focus primarily on companies that have competitive advantages in their respective markets or operate in industries that have barriers to entry, which may help protect their market positions. Our key sectors are energy services and products, industrial technologies, and specialty chemicals and products. We will always consider exceptional opportunities that are outside our key sectors.

7. Location

New platform companies must be headquartered in the United States. Acquisition candidates for our existing portfolio companies can be located worldwide.

In addition to our principal investing activities, we actively pursue acquisition candidates for our portfolio companies. View our current areas of interest and specific criteria here.

We do not consider investments in startups, publicly traded companies, real estate developments, project finance opportunities, oil and gas exploration businesses, troubled companies, turnarounds, or companies in which significant senior management are departing.