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We take the time to listen.

Before making a new investment, we get to know the management team and their strategy. By better understanding the business and forming a strategic partnership, we create a successful, custom solution.

We provide long-term, patient capital for sustained growth.

Our public ownership structure eliminates the pressure to exit our investments in the five to seven year timeframe typical of most venture capital and private equity partnerships. A third of our active investments have been held continuously for over 20 years.

We have a time-tested strategy.

We have partnered with over 245 companies to achieve superior returns for owners, management teams and investors for over half a century.

We always have funds to invest.

We are never "between funds," and we are able to provide subsequent growth capital to companies. Our significant capital base enables us to fund businesses today and make additional investments in the future, should the need arise.

We leave the control with the current business owners.

We find that the best recipe for success is a committed management team with significant ownership. In over half of our active investments, we are a non-controlling shareholder. When operating control and ownership control remain with the management team, they have the flexibility to execute plans that serve customers, employees and shareholders well for the long term.

Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

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