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Relationships Drive our Business

Relationships are a key driver of our business. Whether it is with our financial sponsors, other lenders or management teams, we consider what is best for our long term relationship in every decision we make.

We are Highly Responsive

We enjoy a small team and lean management infrastructure which allows us to respond quickly to financing requests with investment proposals that are tailored to meet the objectives, as the case may be, of the private equity sponsor, our lender partners and/or the company management team.

We Deliver on our Promises

A key component of maintaining strong long term relationships is to clearly communicate what we are willing to do and delivering on our promises. Our lean organization allows for senior decision makers to be involved throughout the proposal and transaction closing process. We believe that this results in a more predictable approval and closing process.

We always have funds to invest.

Being a public company, we enjoy a permanent capital base and are never "between funds." As a result, we are able to provide capital for growth and acquisitions over very long periods of time. Our best opportunities are ones in which we can support management teams that are running companies in industries in which we have gained a track record of value creation and back them in significantly scaling their businesses.

Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

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